WAKU-SEO Plans Comparison





SEO AnalystSEO Analyst- Second Chair13182326

SEO Analyst- First Chair13182326Comprehensive

On-site Analysis & Optimisation TechniquesApply internal linking strategies to maximise value of existing website strengthYesYesYesYesEdit title & description meta tags for these pages for target keywordsYesYesYesYesSEO editing for these pages to balance on-page keyword richness with your brand messageYesYesYesYesIdentification and Search Engine Optimisation of relevant content pages including assistance with the creation of new Search Engine-friendly “landing” pagesYesYesYesYesOff-site Strategies Analysis & TechniquesMan hours of Custom Link Development including research, analysis and tailored submissions by your SEO Analysts focusing on quality, relevant and on-theme opportunities13182326Keyword Phrase Research Analysis & RecommendationsThe identification of “core” keyword phrase to be targeted (based on target market, target audience and competitor site analysis)YesYesYesYesWebsite Architecture / InfrastructurePlus 15 more itemsYesYesYesYesImplementation of Google Analytics statistical reportingYesYesYesYesBing Website Verification fileYesYesYesYesGoogle Website Verification fileYesYesYesYesCreate/Edit sitemap.xml fileYesYesYesYesCreate/Edit robots.txt fileYesYesYesYesWAKU-SEO Activity PlanPost-Project Ranking & Analysis ReportYesYesYesYesDocumented WAKU-SEO Activity Plan recommending and prioritising tasksYesYesYesYesGoogle My BusinessEdit and upload data as required to achieve 100% completion ratingYesYesYesYesCreate, claim or consolidate one Google Places pageYesYesYesYesTracking Benchmark Reports and Ongoing ReportingCompetitor ranking for targeted keyword phrasesYesYesYesYesCurrent ranking for targeted keyword phrasesYesYesYesYesYour SEO Investment – per month€2995.0€3395.0€4395.0€5495.0

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